Author Topic: TIBEvents seems to get nuisance alerts  (Read 1014 times)


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TIBEvents seems to get nuisance alerts
« on: May 23, 2018, 03:40:02 am »
I have a simple "Event Monitoring" window for Firebird.  I have a TIBEvents component on the form, which is connected to a database and transaction component.
I can start the TIBEvents component as follows:

  if not fb_db.Connected then
    fb_db.Connected := True;
  fb_evt.Registered := True;

I stop the component as follows:

  fb_evt.Registered := False;

  if fb_db.Connected then
    fb_db.Connected := False;

My fb_evtEventAlert writes out the events to a TMemo.

When I originally start the TIBEvents component, it dutifully waits until a registered event fires, then it writes out the alert to the memo.

I then stop the TIBEvents component.  Then I start the TIBEvents component again.

The TIBEvents component immediatley records that all the registered events have occurred with a count of 1.  This is not true.  These events did not actually happen in the database.

If I close the window and reopen it, it acts normally again, until my second restart, then if "fails" again.

Question:  What is causing the immediate "ghost" alerts to show on ALL SUBSEQUENT TO FIRST starts and stops?

Platform:  Lazaraus 1.8.2, FPC 3.0.4, TIBEvent 2.3.0

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.