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Author Topic: M/M/C queueing model  (Read 595 times)


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M/M/C queueing model
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:14:26 pm »

For my internship, i'm trying to quantify the impact of a closure of a lock on the queue length.
I was thinking of using an M/M/c queue model (3-> 2 servers).
So i downloaded lazarus/ OpenSIMPLY. I used the code from the website of OpenSIMPLY (http://opensimply.org/simulation-example-MMC-queue.php). The only thing i changed is the value of mu (service rate: 1,3 ->4 vessels/ hour) and lambda (arrival rate: 1->5/ vessels/ hour). Is this correct or do i have to convert to minutes/seconds instead of hours (e.g. mu = 0.06667 vessels/ minutes)?

Now when i run this model, I still need to insert among other the offered traffic. This is however a value between 0,1 and 2,99 which is too low to be the arrival rate? What is this number exactly?

I have no background in programming. So, i have no idea how to edit the code for my case study.
Could someone please help me?

Many thanks!



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