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CEF4Delphi now supports Lazarus/FPC

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I'm the maintainer of an open source project called CEF4Delphi that was released more a than a year ago to embed Chromium-based browsers in our applications.

Originally, CEF4Delphi only supported Delphi but the latest version also has Lazarus/FPC support and it can be used for Windows targets.

CEF4Delphi is based on DCEF3, made by Henri Gourvest. It uses the latest CEF3 branch  3.3359.1772.gd1df190 which includes Chromium 66.0.3359.117.

This is my first Lazarus component and any help from someone with more experience with Lazarus/FPC is more than welcome.

If you want to test it, install the cef4delphi_lazarus.lpk package and run the SimpleLazarusBrowser demo.

I have been using CEF4Delphi for some months now as a replacement for Twebbrowser in Delphi and it is great news that it is also available in Fpc/Lazarus, opening the multi-platform field. I have only words of praise for Salvador's work. :)

1- move .lrs files to subdir source/res/, and include them from this subdir.

2- make folders like in my components:
see e.g.
this way user can copy entire subdir e.g. cef4delphi/ (it has *.pas *.lpk *.lrs in dirs) and its done.
demos go to another dir, and user doesnt copy them.

3- I hope ustring (in your code) is UnicodeString or string, not Widestring.

Yes, ustring is a unicodestring in FPC.

Thanks for the suggestions!


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