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Go on with Lazarus for database app or not?

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Hello to everyone, this is my first post and I am really happy to see that Pascal still exists... I was using Turbo Pascal just for hobby back in 90's and I loved it!
Of course these days everything is different and Databases are a good way to keep your data about customers, projects etc... and there are many database management software out there.

There is also Filemaker, Radbuilder (Longtion Software) etc... the Database RAD applications that are similar to Lazarus or Visual Studio for databases.
However, most of them are expensive and the others have limited capabilities.

I was wondering if Lazarus is good for Database apps... I see that there are the necessary components, for handling databases, SQL queries and reports but I would like to hear from people with some experience in database handling with Lazarus.

- Should I try and remember (or better start from the begining) with Pascal or try with a Database RAD like the once I mentioned?

- If I avoid databases at least for the begining... Is file/record handling and reporting easy to handle with good results?

Thank you in advance for your answer

Lazarus is excellent for database applications (even better than Delphi) and supports many, many back-ends: custom, MySql, Sqlite, Paradox, dBase, CSV, SDF, Json, XML, MariaDb, Oracle, PostGress, MsSQL even ODBC .... and many more.
I consider both Delphi and Lazarus much better than your other examples. Because of more natively supported standards and ease of use. And it supports more platforms, often with the same code Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, BSD's

Thank you!
So, I guess I have to start reading!

Lazarus supports wide range of databases, just pick the one suits your need:

--- Quote from: JJTTBB on February 24, 2018, 10:07:07 am ---If I avoid databases at least for the begining... Is file/record handling and reporting easy to handle with good results?

--- End quote ---

Nothing wrong using file's record handling, I use it and I even wrote my own module for it to ease my programming. But for medium to large projects, performance is important and/or multiusers programs, you need to consider 'better' options.

For small and single user program, dBase should be enough. It is easy to learn and deploy:


As Thaddy and Handoko have well explained, you're in the right place.

I do consulting helping teams to migrate systems in [Delphi, Visual Basic, Java, Clipper, etc] + [Oracle, MS-SqL Server, Sybase, PostDrive, MariaDb, MySQL, SQLite, Paradox, dBase, etc] into Lazarus or PHP using Firebird as back end.

Start by searching information about these various database management systems.
Take a special look at Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS):

Then, see how to integrate Lazarus with several databases at:

Make your own tests to see which one suits you best.
Whatever your choice, the people here at the forum are very participative and always try to help.


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