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Can not move objects on form in edit mode.


My first program using Lazarus. Project1 is created with the editor and a "Form1". I can create an object, such as a button, on the form but, once there, I am unable to click/drag or resize the object. I can however select the object (the object inspector reacts as expected) and resize the form. Please, what am I doing wrong?

I am using Windows 7 64 bit and have tried with Lazarus 1.8.0 for both 32 bit and 64 bit.



--- Quote from: JAMME on January 19, 2018, 01:50:11 pm ---My first program using Lazarus. Project1 is created with the editor and a "Form1".

--- End quote ---
If you create through IDE, there are problems?

I am trying to follow this tutorial:

I open Lazarus, click on Project from the main menu and click OK for a new application. An Object Inspector, Source Editor and Form1 are created. I click on “button”, on the object menu, then click on Form1. This creates a button. I can select and deselect the button but can not drag or resize it. This seems to be the same for the other objects.

Having said all that, I have found the culprit. .... a Logitech wireless Laser mouse. If I simply pull the batteries on this and plug in a USB mouse (the best that Poundworld can supply), I get the same response in Lazarus. However, if I unplug the Logitech base unit, reboot Windows 7 with the Poundworld mouse connected, then open Lazarus and create a new project I can select, drag, resize, do somersaults with the button object; all as expected.

What, can't do somersaults with your objects? Get a Poundworld mouse.

Yes, yes, I even updated the dreaded Logitech SetPoint and it still won't work. If I find a version of this piece of malware that allows the wireless mouse to do the needful, I'll post anew, because, despite this, a wireless mouse is less hindering.

The setpoint is fully programmable. It maybe the case that the setpoint simply clashes with what Lazarus expects, e.g. what does left-button drag do on the setpoint? re-program left-button-drag.

I can not program the left mouse button in SetPoint.

However, I found that my usual habit of preventing stubs from loading at startup in msconfig may have to be put to one side. If I allow SetPoint to load at startup, I am able to fully control objects in Form1.

Oh how I hate things running from startup! That was why I've run this wireless mouse without SetPoint for the last ten years or so. I only loaded it this time to update the driver. But, if needs must then I'll have to allow it if I want this mouse for Lazarus. Goodness what one must do for one's art!

Thanks for the pointer Thaddy.


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