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Save form in XML format


Just curious, somebody using this fuctionality? What is it good for? AFAIK its not possible to change the form file format to XML. Am I wrong?


Just write some XSLT to achieve that, but why? XML is so last century.... (I must have some code lying around for that, though)

I'm curious, too. That feature has been in the IDE since ages, but I never know what it is good for.


--- Quote from: Thaddy on November 15, 2017, 10:46:26 am ---XML is so last century....

--- End quote ---

*.lfm format is antique, proprietary and non standard (is there an officialy definition??) but still exists out of legacy reasons. My question was about, why somebody implemented an xml-export without having the option to manage forms in Lazarus projects with an xml definition file as default?

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