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Error while linking, linux only

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I try to port a windows cgi application to linux.
The only way to make this application compiles is to add the unit "Interfaces" as the first uses unit.
If not, I get "error while linking" error.

The use of the unit "Interfaces" is not OK with apache 2.4, Apache allways produce an error. It's like Interfaces is not compatible with cgi apps.

Linux: ubuntu 17.04
Lazarus: 1.6.4

Any idea for this problem please ?



CGI is command line only. Do you have any GUI references? Also check your project settings. Porting from Windows requires adjustments.

Help us help you by giving information as precise as possible, it is too vague to find out what's wrong.


I know that a cgi is a command line application.
I remove all reference to Dialogs and Forms in my units.
I am using other commercial unit from devart, indy, synapse, ...
Even if something is wrong from my part, the compiler should tell me what's wrong, isn't it ?
The error message is too simple "error while linking" !

What king of adjustment are needed when porting from windows to linux please ?

In Project Options you may need to set Config and Target to Linux (or default). Also, make sure the correct library is installed (for gtk or Qt).

If compiles fine under Windows, it should also compile on Linux, provided the code is cross platform. Synapse doesn;t give me any problems, but you may need to check this.

It is difficult to provide help if we don't know more details about your project and the (third party) code.


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