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Author Topic: Strange freeze at "Move to New Window"  (Read 815 times)

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Strange freeze at "Move to New Window"
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:26:27 pm »
When working with several Source editor, I get a strange freeze when trying to "Move to Other Window > New Window" (see screenshot). Lazarus freezes for indefinite amount of time with a pop-up window, however, after a few dozens of seconds (not instantly) pressing a cross on the pop-up windows resumes normal operation. The window doesn't unfreeze by itself.
I couldn't reproduce the issue on a "clean" project.
"Clone to Other Window" works flawlessly.
I'm not sure whether it relates to the issue, but once a window with a package (Cody or CodeTools? I didn't pay attention then) popped up.

Lazarus 1.8.0RC3, FPC3.0.3, Debian Jessie 64 bit.
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Lazarus 1.9 + FPC 3.1.1 Debian Jessie 64 bit.

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