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Author Topic: [solved]Strange error in lazreport-scripting  (Read 287 times)

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[solved]Strange error in lazreport-scripting
« on: August 11, 2017, 01:11:38 pm »
I have this and it works right:
if ([RepArtRet] = '1') and [QrSub."RET"]=0  then
  M2VANZAHL.Text := STR([QrSub."ANZAHL"])+'-'+STR([QrSub."RET"])
 M2VANZAHL.Text := STR([QrSub."ANZAHL"]);
When I put this:
in  parenthesis like this:
then the script returns second line every time.

And when I remove the parantheses from:
 ([RepArtRet] = '1')
[RepArtRet] = '1'
then the script result changes but the variable [RepArtRet] is never changed it is all time 1.

Whe I change the variable [RepArtRet] value to 0 then the script gives the value from first line back but it should run the second line.

Does anyone know what is wrong with script above?
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I use latest Lazarus version with fixes-svn, fpc latest official, Windows 7, All 32Bit



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