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VTX Client/Server
« on: July 16, 2017, 05:01:51 am »
Thought I'd share my current monkeying arounding here. ;)

This project is my attempt to render BBS style ANSI text-based console-like communications to the web browser.

The server (written in FPC) runs on the 'sysop's machine awaiting a HTTP request. The web server in the server program delivers a small HTML page, CSS, and Javascript client.

The client then connects to the server's websocket listener (on a different port than the HTTP listener) and then sends and recieves UTF-8 text with embedded ANSI escape sequences.

Upon the 'user' connecting to the server via web sockets, the server spawns an external process and the server bridges StdIn / StdOut streams of the application and the 'users' client.
(StdErr messages from the external process are logged on the server console).

Once the 'user' drops websocket connection, the external process ('node') is terminated, or if the the external process ('node') terminates, the websocket connection is dropped.

I've tested it so far in all modern Mozilla and Chromium browsers and it works great there. I, for the life of me, am unable to the client to work in Microsoft browsers. (I've never had very good luck getting javascript to run properly in IE or Edge).

Included in the project is the Free Pascal http/ws server, the javascript client, and some sample node software (also in Free Pascal).

GitHub : https://github.com/codewar65/VTX_ClientServer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vtxemu/
Website: http://www.vtxemu.com/ (a bit not-up-to-date).

Feel free to poke around and comment.



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