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Author Topic: MacOS Installation is a mess which makes Laz look bad. We can do better.  (Read 3529 times)


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MacOS 10.12.4.

Here's an article that popped up #1 when I searched:


Maybe you need to accept the license agreement first?


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Phil:   I'll resume the attempt tomorrow, or maybe later today.  I'm willing to take whatever steps I need to, within reason.   I think my #1 point is still my #1 sticking point:   the shear indeterminacy of what is required, when probably 98% of Mac *prospects* (I think it is valuable to remember that many are *prospects* who don't know Laz and have been disappointed before with other platforms and are half expecting to be disappointed again)  could be helped with updated step-by-step instructions (start with MacOS update and Xcode update).   Or -- something worth considering again -- would it be doable to have homebrew more fully support configuration management for the Mac?

Thanks again for your help.  I suppose it is a violation of Apple rights for there to be a separate source of the command line tools?  If not, that would be a great thing to include in a homebrew configuration installation.



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