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Author Topic: Installing Indy 10 in 1.8 RC2 fails (worked in my past 1.6.4 installation)  (Read 533 times)


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This common Indy problem has popped up again for me with Lazarus 1.8 RC2...

While compiling twice works fine, but actually trying to install it afterwards still fails and results in:

Warning: Recompiling IdStreamVCL, checksum changed for IdGlobal
IdStream.pas(29,3) Fatal: Cannot find IdStreamVCL used by IdStream, incompatible ppu=D:\installed components\Indy_lazarus\Lib\lib\x86_64-win64\IdStreamVCL.ppu, package indylaz

Not sure how to solve this as the solutions I usually used do not appear to work.... Any ideas what to check?

Remy Lebeau

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This common Indy problem has popped up again for me with Lazarus 1.8 RC2...

Not sure what is going on, but my first instinct is that you have multiple versions of IdGlobal on your system, and the wrong one is being found during installation.  You might try using SysInternals Process Monitor to see what files are actually being touched during compiling and installation.
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Soner A.

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Move at to top of the package then it compiles.
I use latest Lazarus version with fixes-svn, fpc latest official, Windows 7, All 32Bit



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