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Author Topic: Which component to use to handle XML files?  (Read 4333 times)


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Re: Which component to use to handle XML files?
« Reply #15 on: June 09, 2017, 02:32:34 pm »
Using it in FPC is not documented, unlike DOM. Or I couldn't find it.
God, any god will do - or gods-, please help protect the innocents from the brave. <grumpy mode  >:D>
If you are silly enough to use XML, please be capable enough to use it. Either SAX (streaming) or DOM (random access). Today you sound like Theresa May... Or the Donald. We have enough programmers to shoot themselves in the foot. Go into politics... :P :) O:-) 8-)

Thaddy, wasn't it you who first posted in this topic that the tutorial is incomplete? And didn't you also say why it's incomplete -- because it does not document SAX usage in FPC.

I don't see how else could we, the mortals (yes your favourite politicians included), interpret your words, when you said just that:

The tutorial is good but not complete, besides DOM also SAX is supported out-of-the-box by FreePascal (and much faster in certain scenarios)

But your gods might interpret it differently and protect the innocent you.



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