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Author Topic: New ver. of Lazarus program VirtualU  (Read 850 times)


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New ver. of Lazarus program VirtualU
« on: May 18, 2017, 01:55:38 am »
This is to announce new versions of the
Lazarus movie-making programs VirtualU and VirtualU2. A few bugs in the were fixed in the previous version and some great new and useful features have
been added. The current download version of VirtualU has the new features shown below. All this plus the existing features of VirtualU make it a useful tool. No known bugs exist and the program has no memory leaks.

    A new World Of The Future 'TV' show that was made with the new version is also now available for viewing. Among other events and highlights, this show displays the new features of VirtualU. Go to Fingal McGinnis at Youtube to watch and hear all three shows or follow the
links below to watch the newest show. All shows are in two parts. If you watch it then you might be surprised at what the new program can do.

    I may be wrong but I think that Youtube has taken notice of the shows made with VirtualU. All this may reflect well on Lazarus and hardly anything else could please me more. It never would've happened without Lazarus.

                       New features
*Show/Hide horiz., vert., and diagonal center lines (all ver.)
*Aspect Ratio/Proportion calculator (all ver.) Gets correct width & height for resized videos
*Text changes (all ver.) No restrictions on the size of pasted in text
*Opening page design changed in accordance with the wishes of the owner (not me) of VirtualU
*Add a fadein and/or a fadeout to a movie (all ver.) Puts a fadein, fadeout or both into a movie
*Create a dissolve between two movies (all ver.) Adds a dissolve to the midpoint of 2 movies
*Resize a video feature This menu item has been improved (all ver.)
*New Help sections For all the new features (all ver.)
*Save first or last frame - Saves frame from movie to be made (all ver.)
*Updated Tutorial (all ver.)
*Zoom In button - Zoom unit (all ver.) 5 ways to zoom into movies & pictures
*Diagonal unit (VirtualU2) Diag., horiz., vert. movie & picture movement
*Freehand object movement (all ver.)
Mouse records movie and picture movements

VirtualU, or VirtualU1 doesn't have everything that VirtualU2 has but a willingness to do a few extra steps enables VirtualU1 to do almost
anything that VirtualU2 can do. It's all there if needed. The virtue in VirtualU never ends.

Perfect horizontal, circular and diagonal
movements can be made with VirtualU1. What you end up with is movies moving around in the capture area as they themselves play their content with it all being recorded into a movie.

Transparent pictures and movies are extra spectacular when recorded this way. With VirtualU, if one part of the program can't do something then it's an even bet that another part will. There's always a work-around solution.

The download site is safe, reliable and
the size of the download file has been
reduced from 65 mb to 35 mb.
VirtualU download site (in temp15.zip)

         Demo movie (demp1.zip)

         Readme file (readme.rtf)

                   show3a (new)

                  show3b (new)

    Best wishes to those coders who were willing to share their knowledge and who responded over the years to my technical queries with courteous professional suggestions without including disingenuous statements.

               Future features
Remove a soundtrack from a video
Extract the frames from a video
Build a movie from pictures



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