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Author Topic: Password reset / new registration @ bugtracker => URL already has been used  (Read 306 times)


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Hi all,

I've signed up to the bugtracker some months ago, but need to reset my password. I received the link for password recovery, but the bugtracker website says
"The confirmation URL is invalid or has already been used. Please signup again."

I retried it with the same result. I tried to setup a new account, but got the same message. I even deactivated the antivirus software on this computer, in case that the av scanner triggers the link.

Does anyone has a clue on how to login to the bug tracker?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


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I have the same negative experience, and I have tried a couple of different steps (all without luck):
- login with the forum credentials
- recover the password for the forum credentials
- create new credentials with the same username as the forum ones
- create completely new ones

In all cases, the response was the same - link expired or already used.

As a result, I can't file a bug report.


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Well, if the spammers under us! shut up... then it would be a whole lot easier to register, I think.
Since due diligence is taken by the moderators, it is a matter of fact that some accounts and their corresponding IP's are blocked.

Simply ask. If the request in good faith it will be taken care of. (Even I had a similar problem once)


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Yes there is an issue with the bugtracker sign up...
Not yet sure what the solution is.



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