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Author Topic: fpCEF3 for Win32: working setup? (SOLVED)  (Read 670 times)


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fpCEF3 for Win32: working setup? (SOLVED)
« on: April 26, 2017, 06:37:17 pm »

*** SOLVED ***

I was wrong :) 3.2924 "Release" target exits silently. As well as "Release" of, say, 3.2704. The others weren't tested by me.

So just the "Debug" target exits wrong. Though not very nice, but bearable (Ctrl+F2 rules).


I met the strange problem: the simpliest fpCEF project works but raises exceptions on exit. With subprocess (CefBrowserSubprocessPath) or without - no matter. Debug or Release target/framework - no matter, too.
*** Wrong!!! ***

Error window: https://s29.postimg.org/mpitjqsif/2017-04-25_235734.jpg
Directory content: https://s10.postimg.org/mjjoq3z89/2017-04-26_190749.jpg

The project is as simple as it could be at all: empty app, empty form with TCromium and TButton and Cromium.Load in OnClick.
Later I added the line from Examples\LCLSimple\main.pas in FormCreate, but without any positive result.
Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. CefBrowserSubprocessPath := Path + DirectorySeparator + 'subprocess'{$IFDEF WINDOWS}+'32.exe'{$ENDIF};

Just the same demo works brilliant in Delphi XE2 with CEF3 (v.3.2454.1344).

Now my setup is: Win7/64, Lazarus 1.6.4+fpc 3.0.2 official binary install, Win32 target, fpCEF 3.2924, CEF 3.2924.1575.g97389a9_windows32

I tried the other framework 3.2924 builds and I tried fpCEF/CEF 3.2840 - with the same result. I downloaded, too, 2704 and 2743 but haven't tried yet.

Of course I'm not sure my demo has no errors but it looks strange when such the simple app catches exceptions on exit while it runs smooth, all the more, works without any problem in Delphi.

Please can anybody share your WORKING versions for Win32 targets you use in production: Lazarus + FPC + fpCEF + CEF? I suspect the problem is somewhere in the component or in the compiler version/tune-ups. Too many variants to try.
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