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Author Topic: 1 user web server, quide me through  (Read 668 times)


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1 user web server, quide me through
« on: April 18, 2017, 07:18:45 pm »

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. [size=10pt][font=courier]procedure TFormMain.LHTTPServerComponent1Accept(aSocket:TLSocket);
  2. begin
  3. aSocket.SendMessage('<html>');
  4. aSocket.SendMessage('<body>');
  5. aSocket.SendMessage('<h1> First Headings </h1>');
  6. aSocket.SendMessage('<p> Wouter van Wegen </p>');
  7. aSocket.SendMessage('</body>');
  8. aSocket.SendMessage('</html>');
  9. end;
  12. [/font][/size]

Hey can anybody help me out with using the LHTTPServerComponent from the LNet libary on my Raspberry 3 to make a interace for my relay BOX ?

I do not understand where i can stuff my pascalstrings through the LNet socket and create a Page for my WebBrowser on my iPOD.

The code does not seem to appear in the middle.

Or does it only work with small file handling? Does anybody have example code? Greets, Wouter van Wegen

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. fphttpd is a full-featured HTTP 1.1 server.
  3. Fast-CGI support enables use of php and other pre-processors.
  5. fphttpd creates default config files and directories on first run in:
  6. For windows: HOMEDRIVE:\HOMEPATH\fphttpd (usualy Documents and settings\username)
  7. For unix: $HOME/.fphttpd
  9. The directory consists of:
  10. cgi-bin -- place your cgi scripts and binaries here
  11. http_docs -- place your html files here
  12. fphttpd.ini -- configure file with various settings
  13. mime.types -- mime types file for various file types
  15. fphttpd tries to automaticly spawn php using the fpfcgi spawner program.
  17. You can pre-spawn your fCGI apps to get some initial boost.
  19. On Windows it is REQUIRED to edit fphttpd.ini and set path to "php-cgi.exe" as this one has not got a default install location (in unix it's searched in some default dirs like /usr/bin and so on)
  21. WARNING:
  22. Currently fastcgi only works in linux and has some known issues. Use only for testing purposes



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