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Author Topic: SQLdb or Zeos: Buffered Dataset (cut sometimes connection to server)  (Read 862 times)


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Is it possible to open a query, select the data, transfer it to a buffer, cut the connection, work with the query and data, reconnect and then 'Apply Updates'.

The reson is, the application have to work on some windows tablett pc. Sometimes the WIFI connection is bad and not working. The datastructure is simple and able to be cached. The problem at the apply updates time can be handled by code.

In Delphi 7 times with ADO (so i remember correctly) it was possible if i set the connetion in the query to nil without deactivating. And the connection could be inactive from now. The query was working too. To reconnect, only bind the new reactivated connection back to querry and apply all updates (and handle the problems).

It this possible with Lazarus SQLdb or Zeos ?




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