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Author Topic: Need a better Insert no duplicates, method  (Read 5169 times)


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Re: Need a better Insert no duplicates, method
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2017, 01:41:56 am »
This process will work, I think.  I don't know how to "lock" and "unlock" DB or processes in SQLite / Lazarus. But they should not be very difficult.

Thanks, I am just going to live with the brute-force UNIQUE crash after a Post. :)

Seems like a lot of database programmers are not that concerned about user-friendly as the entire  data-aware fields are all cleared out on the UNIQUE error. I felt sure there must be hundreds of code snippets, but then when I look at "Professional" sites like Amazon, msoft-store etc and see how lazy-programmer focused they are I can see why nothing much is available.

It's like a punch in the face t the user clearing everything. But it's the way of the World these days.
only for the web and it is understandable because of the stateless nature of the web. In desktop apps it is intolerable to lose any information the user typed and in some case even in extreme conditions (ee power failure). If you post a compilable sample that demostrates your problem I will try to find a solution.
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