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Author Topic: GLScene: "incompatbile ppu" when compiling package  (Read 1134 times)


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GLScene: "incompatbile ppu" when compiling package
« on: November 17, 2016, 09:01:32 pm »
Hi again,

I'm trying to install GLScene. GLSceneLCL_RunTime compiling works but others stop with the following error message:
GLSceneRegisterLCL.pas(107,26) Fatal: Kann GlFileX nicht finden verwendet von GLSceneRegisterLCL, incompatible ppu=/home/styxxx/Programmierung/lazarus/Packages/GLSceneLCL 1.4/Packages/lib/x86_64-linux/GLFileX.ppu, multiple packages: GLSceneLCL_RunTime, GLSceneLCL_DesignTime
Which translates as "Cannot find GLFileX used by GLSceneRegisterCLC, incompatible ppu=/home/..."

I already deleted the whole folder and tried again. But it always says the ppu was incompatible although it was just compiled (and does exit of course). How can I solve this?

I'm using version 1.4 of GLScene (https://sourceforge.net/projects/glscene/files/GLScene/GLScene%20v1.4/). 1.3 too fails because of an error within the code.


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Re: GLScene: "incompatbile ppu" when compiling package
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2016, 12:35:01 am »
I wouldn't bother with the Sourceforge files when it comes to the LCL version of GLScene, especially since you're on Linux...the package structures are a mess of circular dependencies, and the GLVectorGeometry unit is full of 32-bit ASM that won't work properly if you're on a 64-bit system. The version bundled with CodeTyphon works quite well though, and has a bunch of additional IFDEFS and alternate implementations of various functions and procedures that properly account for both 32/64 bit systems. I imagine it would be quite easy to adapt it back into Lazarus.
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