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Author Topic: How to disable warning: other unit files search path...  (Read 1179 times)


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How to disable warning: other unit files search path...
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:59:42 pm »
What is actually the meaning (or purpose) of the following warning and can I disable it?

Code: [Select]
Warning: other unit files search path (aka unit path) of "package1" contains "path_to_sources_of_package1", which belongs to package "package2".
I have 2 packages where truly the other unit search path of package2 is the same as path_to_sources_of_package1. The reason is those 2 packages pick up different source files from the same directory (never both the same source file). I must have these 2 packages and the sources already must stay in the same directory.

I've found it is a Lazarus warning (pkgmanager.pas) and not a FPC warning.
I've also read a few TODO notices in pkgmanager.pas before this warning gets invoked, however none of these talks about the option to disable this warning.

EDIT: I mean to disable it on package options level.
Thank you
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Lazarus 1.7 with FPC 3.1.1.




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