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Groupbox not showing a bevel border (Newbie/Beginner Warning!)

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Newbie, running linux mint and compiling for gtk2. I put a groupbox on a form and much to my surprise, no beveled border - just the caption!  Tried various things but still no beveled border (like in windows).  What magic do I use?

Also, how to compile to Qt - I get Qt4.pas missing or something similar when I try ...

Appreciate any help..

Edit - Changed Title

I use Linux+Qt and some themes simply does not implement bevel around group box (for example a new theme Breeze from Plasma5).
Try to change your GTk theme, maybe bevel will appear.

For compiling Lazarus with Qt, you need Try to install it from Mint repositories. If it is not there, download it from here:
Copy the file to /usr/lib (or where Mint has libraries) and also create version symlinks:
file: /usr/lib64/
link: /usr/lib64/
link: /usr/lib64/
link: /usr/lib64/

Then run ldconfig as a superuser.
Finally, set Qt in the "Configure Build dialog" and rebuild Lazarus.

Thank you Blaazan for the explanation - will give QT a go ...seems odd not to have a bevel around a groupbox that seems like a very basic elemental groupbox thing to me - and the examples online show it!

Got QT4 to work - with a truckload of warnings, mostly to do with string conversions - and still no beveled groupbox!!  How does one go about setting themes in QT?  And does someone have a theme that produces a beveld groupbox ...

Just in case look this bugreport:


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