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Author Topic: Rebuilding Lazarus 1.6 IDE failure!!  (Read 2521 times)


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Rebuilding Lazarus 1.6 IDE failure!!
« on: March 29, 2016, 03:03:30 pm »

Hi there

I've been trying to compile Lazarus 1.6 on both Linux and Windows to no success. I'm trying to install a package which I need to then rebuild Lazarus IDE (wishlist for dynamic loading of packages ala Delphi please!!!) On compilation it fails at the same spot.

Code: Pascal  [Select]
  1. fphttpclient.pp(285,6) Fatal: Cannot find sslsockets used by fphttpclient. Make sure all ppu files of a package are in its output directory. ppu in wrong directory=C:\lazarus\fpc\3.0.0\units\i386-win32\fcl-net\sslsockets.ppu..

The sslsockets file is found, the .ppu is where Lazarus/FPC installed it to begin with...what gives?

I get the same error on Linux 64. This is very frustrating. Please help.



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