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From Lazarus subversion

Revision: 57694
Log: cocoa: forcing collection behaviour to allow full screen, if fullscreen is requested. (not same by default for some unknown conditions on macOS 10.8)
U   trunk/lcl/interfaces/cocoa/cocoa_extra.pas
U   trunk/lcl/interfaces/cocoa/cocoaprivate.pp
Revision: 57693
Log: SynEdit, PO highlighter: when highlighting strings, do not assume that all quote (") marks inside a string will be properly escaped (with \). E. g. this can be the case if file was edited manually. Instead, simply search for the last quote mark in the string. This change makes highlighter more resilient and also helps in POChecker, where PO strings are presented to user without escape symbols.
U   trunk/components/synedit/synhighlighterpo.pp
Revision: 57692
Log: IDE: codeexplorer: show initialization/finalization in source nodes, issue 33646
U   trunk/ide/codeexplorer.pas
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