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Yesterday PeaZip 3.0 was published on SourceForge.
PeaZip is an Open Source file and archive manager, frontend to various Open Source compression/extraction utilities like 7z/p7zip, freearc, paq, pea, upx and other ones.
It features encryption, archive conversion, creation of single or separate archives, search filters, bookmarking etc...

PeaZip is developed using Lazarus/FPC, with the exception of Windows installer packages that are built using Inno Setup (this tool's syntax is Delphi based), and has been built for Windows and Linux (GTK2 and Qt).

It also features its own archive format, .pea, also developed using Lazarus/FPC, with deflate based compression and strong authenticated encryption (AES256 in EAX mode), using Wolfgang Ehrhardt's hash and crypto library: http://home.netsurf.de/wolfgang.ehrhardt/index.html

The software also provides secure deletion, generation of random password/keyfile, and calculation of a wide set of checksum and hash of files.

Downloads: http://peazip.sourceforge.net/
Change log: http://peazip.sourceforge.net/changelog.html
Screenhots and mini-tutorial: http://peazip.sourceforge.net/peazip-screenshots-images.html

I would like to thank many people...
Lazarus/FPC team to have made possible developing this software, and deploying it cross platform
Wolfgang Ehrhardt for the high quality of the units provided (can be used not only in Lazarus/FPC but also on other Delphi/Pascal dialects)
The developers of backend utilities, for having developed and published such good pieces of software as Open Source
And of course I want to thank all people that had contributed to PeaZip project with translations, testing, and suggestions, and most of all I want to thank people that had donated to Unesco and Unicef through PeaZip's donation page
which I've created to turn the user-perceived value of the project in something much more useful than the software itself.

05 Nov 2009 - RC1 of FacturLinEx 2.0

Dear Lazarus's community.

We have published the version RC1 of FacturLinEx 2.0. This is available in the Project Download zone in Sourceforge.net.

This FacturLinEx's new version - 2.0 RC1 has changed of the develop environment, now supported for object pascal in your free version "Free Pascal Compiler" and Designed on the ide of your great project Lazarus.

I comment to them besides the fact that this new version has been constructed from zero, and though this one yet in your version RC1, it includes new functionalities and improvements compared with the 1.6.2 version, that it was in Kylix Open.

It takes advantage in addition of the  Multiplatform possibilities that there provides to us Lazarus, this available one a version for win32.

We wait for you in order that you value this work and if you seems to them,  collaborate with our project.


Best Regards
Program şu özelliklere sahip:
Program have that features:

- Program İngilizcede kullanılan en çok 3000 kelimeyi ihtiva ediyor.
- Program includes most used 3000 word in english

- Yeni olarak ileri ingilizce kelime paketi eklendi ( 20000 kelime )
- Newly added 20000 words packet for advanced

- Bu kelimeler 0-9 arası guruplandırılmış vaziyette. Grup no alanından istenen gurup yazılıp o gurup ile çalışılabilir.
- Words have 0-9 group number. It is selectable when type in group input area.

- Bu guruplar istenildiğinde sıfırlanabilir.
- Any time, group statistics are deleteble

- Gurublara ait istatiksel bilgiler görülebilir.
- Any time, users can see for Groups statics.


- Test esnasında yanlış bilinen soruların 2 katı veya ayarlanan kat doğru cevap verilirse kelime sorma listesinden çıkartılıyor.
- In test , words are not asking if known over 2 multipy or setted knowing parameter area.

- Tray Icon olarak çalışıyor , tray icon halinde çalışırken bilemediğiniz soruları belirlenen zaman aralığında baloon hint olarak ekrana yansıtıyor.
- Program working in tray icon , and in while shows unknown words in baloon with setted time.

- Icon'a sağ tıklantığı Flash Card menüsü eklendi
- It have flash card and can get right click.


- Hatırlatma balonu istenen renge boyanabiliyor.
- Remember baloon can changeable color.


Program http://mehmetulukaya.4shared.com adresinden indirilebilir. Adı: kelime-ezberin.exe
Program in http://mehmetulukaya.4shared.com: That name is : kelime-ezberim.exe


Kaynak dosyalar da aynı adresten indirilebilir.
Source is downloadable same internet address.

Ne yazıkki program şu anda sadece Türkçe
Unfortunatelly program in Turkish language.
Hi guys, QueryDNS is a tool that can be used to query DNS servers, useful for network administrators. Available for Windows and Linux platform


20 Aug 2009 - New blog about lazarus

Tips for Lazarus

Links, Tips, News, world of lazarus freepascal in one place.

Updated weekly

Link: http://tips4lazarus.blogspot.com


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